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Expanding Horizons.

Since its beginning in 1997, La Técnica al Filo has been driven onward by the creative spirit of Alejandro Aznavwrian, always ready to overcome the apparent limits of the acoustic guitar. It is on the edge of the guitar where he finds a new language and form of expression, not limited to one specific genre, but joining all in one technique, combining the bases of flamenco strumming with traditional rhythms and cadences of Latin America. The creation of this technique leads to the construction of a new acoustic guitar model, especially designed for La Técnica Al Filo, with an extra harmonic bar, protective plastic micas and trimmed frets. The first model was manufactured by Andalusian Guitars, called Aznavwrian Standard, created to the proportion of Alejandro Aznavwrian.

Alejandro Aznavwrian: Creator and visionary.

With wide and abundant experience in the music medium, as a concert guitarist, session musician, sound artist, DJ, Audio engineer, composer and academic trainer, Alejandro Aznavwrian is today a very important producer, Director of Ararat Music, talent training center, founder of the record label Ararat Music Records with more than 15 productions and creator of the brand Aznavwrian Guitars.

La técnica al Filo – Official Recording Studio:

Phone: (+52-55) 6379-6003, Mexico City.
Instagram: ó @araratmusicschool
Página web:

La Técnica al Filo is a technique for fusion guitar that seeks to maintain trinity in music: rhythm, harmony and melody, searching for balance between these three elements in a rhythmical way.

This technique is a tool used to maintain rhythmical cadences and beats of different styles, it serves the purpose of developing three abilities in concert guitarists.

The album “La Guitarra Al Filo” (2008) by Alejandro Aznavwrian is brimmed
with the energy and passion of a young spirit eager to speak to the world.
In this album, the great guitarist and composer joins Flamenco,
Jazz and Latin music, surprising us with its novel and striking technique,
“La Técnica Al Filo”, technique for fusion guitar, that gives the guitar and
instrumentalist a new voice, a new feel and language to continue speaking
with its author’s philosophy: “It is easy to dominate the guitar, the
challenging part is to dominate oneself”.


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