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My music

These tracks belong to my work in class was recorded by me and interpreted, original music studies of my teacher in that my country is a very respected composer and musician his pieces were premiered in Bellas Artes the maximum artistic exhibition house in my country, also my compositions in score and on the recommendation of my teacher I put the path of how to go from one idea to another to conclude the piece, in my work as a composer I saw from how to compose from an image, static as a painting to video, mental scripts trains of thought theatrical script, architecture etc.. ..


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This track is an example of my weekly homework from William Levit's book on electric guitar by Beerkle
piece Sea to Sea

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this is a piece of bach's Jesus man desire from my electric guitar class

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this track is a study in Aminor by my teacher for electric and classical guitar.

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this track is a study in Aminor by my teacher for electric and classical guitar, this version is faster.

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this track is a study in Aminor by my master for electric and classical guitar this version for classical guitar

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Partita number one Bach

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his electronic music project was made from the sculptural work of Guadalupe Romero Vargas who works with glass sculpture on the ancient history of Mexico. We named it Pakal in honor of the Astronaut King Pakal.

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Cultural Project

In ararat música I learned to work with artists in a multidisciplinary way, Guadalupe Romero Vargas is a great stained glass sculptor in my country. The music of my project Pakal is inspired by the god Pakal the astronaut of the ancient Mayas and in conjunction with the art of Guadalupe Romero, which brings to our time representations of the most important sculptures and prehistoric history of Mexico Mayas, Aztecs, Olmacs.

Translated with (free version)

Pakal Project, the art of Guadalupe Romero Vargas

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